NTMP: THE MASTER PLAN 2018-03-15T11:48:03+00:00

The Master Plan seeks to leverage the potentials of transport sector in contributing to the economic growth of the country and to respond to the increasing travel demand.
It tackles comprehensively spatial, infrastructural, operational, legal, regulatory, and financial aspects.

The multi-modal Master Plan includes all transport modes, ranging from rail, road, air, maritime and public transport, addressing currently suffering transit and storage areas such as border crossings and logistics areas.

Transportation demand considers multiple scenarios for demographic trends, consisting in varying rates in natural growth, the number of returning Palestinians and internal migration between Gaza Strip and West Bank.

The Master Plan is composed of a Spatial Master Plan and an Implementation Program.

The Spatial Plan aims at improving connectivity at multiple scale: micro-scale within West Bank and Gaza Strip; meso-scale between the two, and; macro-scale with the region.

The Implementation Program consists instead of a detailed implementation strategy based on pre-set priorities and objectives to be completed into four horizon years, ending in 2045.

The Master Plan has multiple objectives:

  • improve all transport sector equally;
  • achieve a multimodal network;
  • improve external connectivity;
  • reinforce internal connections
  • enhance mobility in rural areas;
  • link West Bank to Gaza Strip, and;
  • Reinforce logistics areas and freight movements.