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The Road and Transportation Master Plan for West Bank and Gaza Strip, also known as NTMP – National Transport Master Plan for Palestine,  is a strategic transport planning tool aimed to set a clear and ambitious vision for the future of transportation in the Palestinian present and future territories.
Financed by the European Commission and managed by the European Investment Bank, the Master Plan is a short, medium and long term visionary planning instrument for the Palestinian National Authority, the Project direct beneficiary.
The Master Plan addresses both West Bank and Gaza Strip, covering a total area of 6,020 square kilometers.
The current population of around 4.8 million inhabitants is expected to increase significantly in the coming 35 years to around 13 million.
The lack of alternative modes of transportation concentrates movement of people and goods on the road sector.
The comprehensive nature of this Master Plan has no precedent ever since the constitution of the PNA in 1994where it aims to incorporate equally West Bank and Gaza Strip into a single and united framework.
The Master Plan is the result of 18 months of work in close coordination with Local Authorities, involving International and Palestinian professionals from all domains.
Work is based on extensive survey campaigns including Traffic counts at more than 50 locations, on and off board Public Transport passenger countstravel time surveys, extensive roads condition survey and inspection of ports, airports and border crossing points.
An unprecedented integrated multi-modal traffic model is implemented based on updated GIS and on-site collected data.
Construed as a planning and validation instrument, all project phases are implemented to ensure and quantify effectiveness of proposed interventions.

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Master Plan Report

Dedicated software training sessions are organized throughout the process given the complex nature of the applied traffic model. This is expected to provide the technical staff with the appropriate know-how for developing and updating the Master Plan.
The Master Plan, with its spatial and programming vision, will leave a legacydraw the strategy and define the next steps for a prosperous and optimistic development of the Palestinian

NOTE: Border crossing points that aren’t at 1967 borders (herein) after BCPs (respectively).

The technical assistance operation is financed under the FEMIP Support Fund. This Fund utilises non-repayable aid granted by the European Commission in support of EIB investment activities in the eastern and southern Mediterranean countries, assisting promoters during different stages of the project cycle.

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